The Academy is the first book in the universe of freedomnia. Find here all the scenes of the story already published

Here is the English translation that I did myself. Not being a native English speaker, feel free to comment to help me improve it.

0x09.03 - And two

Erin offers to use the classrooms to deactivate Cherry's implant. By using one of the rooms from another dome, no suspicion would fall on them. She explained in detail to Cherry how she went about going out the other night, and after thinking about the question for a long time, they decided that Erin should go with Cherry in order to avoid her being caught.

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0x05.04 - blackout

Erin was not convinced of the merits of the surveillance the Academy wanted to put in place. Because she was beginning to have doubts about the very merits of the Academy. The confidentiality clauses were still valid, but the ban on talking to relatives, the precinct, censorship, the implant, the snitches, the permanent pressure and now the internal coping via the students themselves ...

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0x05.01 - The day before the fair

Implant week, as it was now called, had passed for a while. We didn't talk about it anymore and the routine resumed; the lessons had started again, much more intensively since they had finished the refresher course, the practical work too. They had been able to take their first steps with their new implant in the practical work of the virtual reality course. And indeed, it was possible to immerse oneself in a truly believable way in a virtual world thanks to it.

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0x02.02 - At Irisa

Erin congratulated herself for insisting on leaving early. Finding the campus hadn't been complicated but after a walk from the bus stop that seemed endless to her, wanting to go as short as possible, they found themselves stranded on the wrong side of a locked door before a student does not tell them how to go around and find the public entrance to IRISA.

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